How To Keep Your House Cool This Summer?

Summer is here, and you might be looking for the best possible ways to warm yourself up. Of course, Air conditioning is the best option out there, but unfortunately cranking up the A/C is also the best way to jack up your bills this summer. There are basically two things that can help you in cooling your place down, one is taking care of the exterior of the house and two, the interior.

Changes you can make to the exterior

It is a well-known fact that planting a lot of trees and plants can help decrease the summer heat, but it’s not going to help if they’ve just been planted. They need time to grow, so start planting some greeneries right away. Vines and shrubs would definitely grow faster than the trees but they require a lot of maintenance, so if you think you can cope up with the hard work, then go for it. They provide a shade for the house and add aesthetic value to your house. The greeneries won’t be of any help if summer is already here and you need an instant fix, installing plantation shutters Central Coast to the exterior of the window can help cut down the heat by 60% and hence would be a quick fix for the existing problem. In addition to this, making upgrades to your house would also be a good idea. Consider re-painting the exterior of your house to a much lighter color, dark colors tend to absorb heat as opposed to the lighter ones. Upgrading your roof with an added heat protection would be ideal but might require too much work and your time, so use this if all the other options don’t help improve the current condition.

Changes you can make to the Interior

This one’s a pretty obvious solution, in order to minimize the heat entering the house, you can keep doors and windows shut and cover your windows with perfect blinds to minimize heat gain. At night, you can keep the windows open to allow cool air to enter but close it, once you go to sleep. The night is the best time to make use of appliances that emit heat, save the washing machines and drier chores for the night instead of doing them in the morning. Working in the morning is going to make your sweat and make you feel uneasy as opposed to doing them at night. Moreover, get rid of incandescent lights, they may look good but they emit a lot of heat, a few won’t hurt but having a lot can slowly heat up your house and that’s the last thing you need right now.

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