Why Are You Putting On More Weight Even If You Don’t Want To?

It is indeed frustrating to anybody to see that they are piling on the pounds even when they are trying their best not to. But even if you are eating as best as you can and all of that the wrong prescription pills, stress, contraception and hormones can all play in role in how you lose or gain weight. Here are some of the most common hidden reason as to why you might not be able to get rid of your love handles.

You are suffering from depression

A lot of the anti-depressants in the market today will cause weight gain. Therefore, if you are taking any pills for depression you will see that you will add on between five to fifteen pounds with the medication. This can collect over the years. If you are not taking pills but are depressed, you can still put on weight. It works in two ways. There are the people who lose weight under stress and others just put on. Stress eating or eating to temporarily fight off depression is another way in which you can put on weight. While fat removal Melbourne is always an option here, you must adhere to the root cause and find out how you can first get rid of your depression effectively. 

Your medication is messing up your body chemistry

If you are taking any steroids, beta blockers, hormone pills, birth control pills and any medication for heart disease and even epilepsy. Blood pressure, breast cancer and even migraine or arthritis, may be even some antacid pills, you will see that you are putting on the pounds. Some medications mess up the natural body chemistry and hinder metabolism or change it. The others just give you a higher appetite because you begin to feel better. Either way you need to get to the bottom of which medication is making you gain weight and always consider a non surgical fat reduction method wherever possible. Check this website if you are looking for a non surgical fat reduction.

Your gut is slower than normal

Some people have this problem and it is fairly common. If you have digestive problems including ones that will slow don the rate of your bowel movements, weight can add on. If you have problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chron’s, constipation and the likes get a medical opinion and improve your diet according to the needful. Maybe incorporate some probiotics to help the good bacteria in your stomach.

You are deficient with some nutrients

Magnesium, vitamin D and iron can all help with unwanted weight gain. They can also lower the quality of your immunity and make you prone to disease which will anyway not act in your favour. Eat a good balanced meal every day and just because you feel exhausted don’t compensate by eating a bowl of refined sugar. Consult a doctor and see if you need vitamin supplements.