Different Types Of Garden Designers And Who You Should Hire

There are different types of garden designers you can find in the market at the present time. They can be a landscape architect, landscape contractor, designer, and landscaper. These entire professional have a different role to play and work differently. Thus, when it comes to hiring a professional for the garden work, do not get confused, among them. Here is the quick introduction to the profile of each professional.

  • Garden architect
    These are the professionals who hold a degree in landscape architecture work. They are a registered or licensed professional by the state in which they a working. These professionals used to have training in architecture, engineering, land grading, design, drainage, etc. When it comes to knowledge about the plants, then they may have or may not have a good knowledge about it.
    As far as their work is concerned, then they create a drawing of architectural landscaping for both residential and commercial spaces. They provide all types of assistance during the installation process, but typically they don’t handle it on their own. These professionals are typically expensive than the garden designers. They best to hire for accurate and high-level vision.

  • Garden designers
    Unlike the landscape architects, these are those professionals who are not registered or licensed by the state. They are perfect professionals for home garden designing. These professionals can have a degree in landscape or horticultural, but it is not necessary for them to hold the degree. They are known for their knowledge about the plants and creativity. Although, these professionals hold a good knowledge about the plants and landscape designing, but they too do not involve in the installation process. However, their involvement in the installation process differs from state to state. In some states they are allowed to make the installation process and in some they are not.
  • Landscapers
    These are the professional, who truly look after the landscape installation. They use to have a good knowledge about the plants, how to maintain them and also use of plants to give a shape to the garden. Landscapers with the help of a landscape architect and designer can give create a great design. They use stonework Northern Beaches, pots and plants to create a structure. These professional are not licensed or registered professional and also, they do not hold any kind of qualification or degree to do this work. So, these are the three types of garden designers and their work profile. You should hire a professional only considering their work profile. Do not get confused with their name.