Get Facade Assessment To Check Whether You Need Rectification For Combustible Cladding

A building is constructed of a lot of material. The initial building requires the basic construction materials which are used to give the shape. Usually concrete, iron, or wood is used where required to make this structure. Inside the building, rooms are made from separating walls, there are pillars used to support the roof, there are openways for doors, there are ventilation shafts for passage of air, there are pipelines, electrical wiring and other components. The exterior of the building is usually designed by fixing cladding panels. These panels are easy to cut, craft and require minimal effort, for these reasons these panels are a favorite for facade engineering in Melbourne. However, did you know depending on the kind of panels installed on the facade of the building, you are at a hazard risk? 

 Cladding panels are designed and easily to cut, shape and installed on the exterior of a building, they are made of two materials, an outer layer of metal and an inner layer of lighter material. These composite panels are designed in a way that they block outside noise from entering inside and vice versa, they are also good insulators for weather. These conditions are ideal for a work environment, thus these panels are installed usually around corporate buildings. Sometimes cladding is also done on the exterior of residential apartments. 

Combustible cladding is when your cladding panels are susceptible to fire and even help spread the fire further and stronger. There have been instances where buildings caught fire and due to such cladding it got out of control really fast and was very difficult to get it check even after great efforts of fire fighters. 

[Text Wrapping Break]Here is why you need facade assessment to check whether you need to rectify your building for combustible cladding: 

Save Lives: 

In a scenario where a building catches fire, there is mass panic and people often end up losing lives in these cases. If you have a combustible cladding installed in your building, you risk the lives of the people who are inside it. Much care is needed in the presence of such cladding to avoid breaking out a fire in the building. By assessing the cladding you can rectify it for combustible cladding and replacing it with non-combustible composite panels. 

Avoid Damage: 

Being a building owner, you know how much a fire is going to end up costing you. A fire not only burns away the furniture and other material, it also weakens the integrity of the building by heating the iron that is holding the building inside. Avoid damage to your building by replacing the combustible panels with non-combustible material. 

If you need assessment done or want help in rectifying the facade, you can contact Cladding Compliance Australia. 

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