How Can I Prevent Myself From Covid-19


COVID 19 has now spread all over the world. The virus had/has made huge damages to human life and as well as to the economy of the world. The medical centre in melbourne cbd have been effortlessly working for the past year to prevent people from this fatal disease by spreading safety awareness among them although many health organizations have discovered vaccines against the COVID 19. 

How to get vaccinated for COVID 19?

The vaccine is the best way to prevent this infection. There are multiple vaccines named AstraZeneca, Pfizer–Biotech, and Sputnik V, Sino pharm, Sino vac, Moderna. These are the certified vaccines that are easily available at your nearby hospitals and clinics. These vaccines are injected in a single or double dose so they must be taken according to the doctor’s prescription. According to research, 49.4% of the world population is now vaccinated. 

The impact of this disease is so immense that it has affected a plenty of industries and businesses. Even the most successful brands started failing just because of the spread of this dangerous virus all around the world.

Does Vaccines stop from getting infected? 

The most common question we have now, that does the vaccinated person can get infected from the disease or not? The answer to this question is that the vaccine is not an antibiotic or medicine that protects you from not getting infected by this virus. It just protects an individual by creating antibodies inside the human body and helps the infected person to fight back against the disease. But don’t worry we will guide you the safety measures to stay protected. 

Safety Precautions    

The best way to prevent you from pandemic disease is to follow these easiest precautions and save yourself from admitting to hospitals. 

  • Never forget to wear a face mask while stepping out of your house
  • Keep your hands sanitized and avoid handshakes. 
  • Avoid yourself from crowded areas
  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible from nearby clinic
  • Keep a 6 feet distance from other people while communicating 
  • Cover coughs and sneezes

COVID 19 has changed the world in every aspect. Mainly it has changed our lifestyle. Like many offices and companies have allowed their employees to work from home and avoid crowds in the workplace. The educational centres are also working remotely by providing online lectures to their students through video calls. Though these methods might be a little difficult to adopt in our daily life, it is the only way to stay prevented from COVID 19. We have successfully recovered from the worse condition caused in the year 2020. We all should thank all the doctors and medical staff that are working hard to decrease the human death rate caused by this virus.