Pros And Cons Of Buffalo Grass


Living in Brisbane and having the property with ample space for a lawn. You will be thinking of having grass on your lawn, there will be a struggle to select the best grass that will be suitable in Brisbane. There are many options when it comes to selecting the best grass for your house but buffalo grass can be the right option. The buffalo grass in Sydney got in popular use due to its distinctive qualities and they can be the best grass for an area like Brisbane. But as its natural grass, it will be needing some take care to maintain its greenness and look. It is not that everything about buffalo grass is perfection there are some drawbacks to planting the buffalo grass. But for domestic use, when we see the benefits of buffalo grass, the benefits of buffalo grass outweigh its drawbacks. Here we will be listing some of the pros and cons of the buffalo grass, that might help you to make a decision.


  1. Buffalo grass is the warm weather grass but still in weather change, it will stay greener till late in the new season. This means you will be having greener grass even the warm weather is leaving. 
  2. The buffalo grass is the best grass for the region with sunlight. The direct sunlight exposure will not wither the grass. This can be perfect because in cities like Brisbane as there are long sunny days and the good thing is that it will not be losing its colour due to direct sunlight
  3. The buffalo grass is drought resistant and can grow in less water. The buffalo grass will not be needing regular watering, which will make it easy to have. You don’t have to worry about giving water to the grass, it will reduce the water consumption
  4. Usually, the lawn will have a lot of traffic especially if you have kids and pets. It means you will be needing grass that can withstand all that foot traffic. You don’t want to have grass that will get ruined with people walking over it. The best grass in this case will be buffalo grass, it is tolerant to heavy traffic. This means your kids or pets can enjoy time on the grass without the threat of ruining it.


  1. The buffalo grass is expensive as compared to ordinary grass. Once you have planned to plant the buffalo grass, it will be costly but yes once it is done, your money will seem worth it.

The best buffalo grass can be the best grass for warm weather but once it turns brown, then it takes longer to turn green even in spring. You have to wait longer in spring for your buffalo grass to green