To Avoid Replacement Try These Steps For Maintenance Of Glazed Windows

We all have that nice square shape space in our rooms which shows the best sunlight of outside and provide enormous amount of air and fresh fragrances of flowers, yes! that’s right ‘a window’ so many poets, singers and writers have written ample things related to this square shaped windows; it’s a window of hope, window of passion, window of dreams etc. but in real every or any window needs some basic maintenance which can enhance the life and function of the window. Yes! a window is something symbolizes the decoration of the room, it gives a nice complete look of the room and provide so much more not just the sunlight and sunshine; thanks to all the advancement and technology we have due to which we have different shapes and sizes of windows; among all different styles of windows; double glazed window is one of the most different and unique style of window. Mostly bungalow owners choose this type in order to give a nice and clean look to the room. Keeping in view all the facts it is mandatory to understand that the owner must replace some parts and clean the double glazed window so that, it does not require to be replaced altogether, why is that because it is really difficult and expensive to replace double gazed windows, so let’s roll:

The blade:

Yes that slate kind of a thing on which the glass doors slide and if the replacement double glazed window has a motion of open and shut than the same blade works differently. So the cleaning of blade is very important it is necessary for the blade to be cleaned up in order to make the window work and function properly otherwise, due to excessive dust and wind exposure windows get jammed and nobody can do anything about it except for replacing it.


This is something related to the movement of the window, the movement should be very swift. It should be something like greasy movement not dry and rough. Hence, there is an option of waxing which every window maintaining activity should adapt. Take raw wax and heat it for like two to four minutes and simple rub it on the trails of the doors to make it work correctly and properly.

Tightening of the screws:

Very simple and logical is to tight the screws properly and make sure no screw is loose, as it may create a space around the nut which eventually disturbs the overall movement of the window. Plus, oiling is yet another issue which one has to take care of, simple machine oil can solve the purpose without a doubt.